The Arjuna Sound Podcast Episode 12 – Van Halen vs Van Hagar


Quite possibly the most unimportant thing to ever be disseminated on a podcast. In this episode, I read your comments to the post/tweet I put out saying “Van Halen wrote better songs with Sammy Hagar. Deal with it.”. I also take a non-scientific poll via phone and break down for you what exactly it was I said and why I said what I did. And though no one literally lost theirs minds, it’s more fun to pretend that they did.

The Arjuna Sound Podcast Episode 8 – Slau of Be Sharp


In a Ukrainian neighborhood he finally finds sides 2 & 3. Dad was a self taught violinist but so long as they are smiling in the end we must ask how does one monetize the happy accidents? Sometimes you gotta turn off the clock. We ask why Steely Dan? And remember, no one walks out of the record store humming the console. No academy awards winners…. yet!

This episode we talk with Slau from Be Sharp in Astoria New York.

Slau on Twitter

The Arjuna Sound Podcast Episode 7 – Manny Morales of Deliverance


A tree bass with lousy action forced him into a band to find faith. From metal to Deliverance to passing on an audition with Slayer’s Dave Lombardo. You seriously wouldn’t loan him one of your 3 basses? Not cool.

Our guest this episode is Manny Morales, former bassist for Christian metal band Deliverance.

The Arjuna Sound Podcast – Episode 6 – Paul Klimson


Finding what lives inside the noise as he knocks on every studio door to learn how to fly. Is anything quantifiable? Yet you’re not done till you say it’s done. Layers of distortion find their place while we ask, do sound men dream of unplugged electric sound boards? No, there’s no pizza Paul.

This episode, we talk to sound engineer/producer Paul Klimson

Theory One Productions

The Arjuna Sound Podcast – Episode 5 – Tim O


A 5 year old with a hippie guitar teacher & a phobia of mustaches, adopting rejected NFL team names & being branded by a punk rocker. With reminders to drink the grape ape, say no to Squatch, hold the AIC and an adherence to the honesty your band mates are owed.

Our guest this episode is musician/podcaster Tim O aka Tim O’Saben

The TimO & Harley Show Home Page

The Arjuna Sound Podcast – Episode 4 – Dani Llamas of Laundry League


Mama had a drum set that led to Lush loving on Rock Band. A desert of people, swimming through ostentatious ticket prices, sampling a secret Australian & what is shoegaze, really?

On this episode our guest is Dani Llamas from Laundry League.

Laundry League on Bandcamp

The Arjuna Sound Podcast – Episode 3 – Justin DeTie of Jambis Revenge


He’s just the typical air guitar kid who makes it snow bits of Gumby, makes mashed potatoes without the lumps, all while Jambi gets his revenge with the help of some cowboys of a galactic nature. Bring your lip balm. BOOSH!!!!

On this episode we talk with Justin DeTie of Jambi’s Revenge.

Jambi’s Revenge on Bandcamp